Private Travel Manager & Companion for Female Travelers

In a world where experience is the biggest luxury we have, making memories is our most precious indulgence.

Travel is one of life’s ultimate experiences. It expands our horizons, opens our eyes, and alters our existence. But, traveling as a single woman can be a frustrating experience.

Sherry Kumar delivers truly experiential services, direct to you, adapted to meet your personal travel requirements. Available at your convenience wherever you would like to travel, to enjoy on your own or share with loved ones.

I am here to guide you around the world. I will help you select a destination, create a custom travel itinerary, manage all bookings, and help you experience the best a destination has to offer.

My Experience

I am the founder of several  travel organizations, and serve as board member of The Geographical Society of Philadelphia, an organization founded in 1891, to sponsor global explorers, conservation and travel.  In 2001, I joined an global network for Europeans, Expats and Internationals called Eurocircle, and have been planning social events for it’s members in major cities around the world. In 2011, I founded it’s travel arm, Eurocircle Travels Around the World, which organizes annual group trips for it’s members to destinations such as Turkey, Peru, South Africa, India, etc.

I am also the president and founder of Travel Clubs International, a company that specializes in raising funds for charities, non-profits and special interest groups through group travel. It’s clients include: Tesla Science Foundation, Save Cambodia, The Goddess Principles Women’s Retreats, Kristi D. Price Lifestyle Coaching, etc.

I am a travel supplier, group wholesaler, and private travel manager and companion. I personally travel with my clients and their families or friends, to create an experience of a lifetime.

I specialize in:

Travel Companion for Women Custom Itineraries
Destination Research Professionally Guided Tours
Booking Specialist Private Car Service

I can join you for just a few days at your destination, or travel with you from your point of departure for a few weeks. From acting as a liaison or location curator, to providing recommendations and reservations; I can spend as little or as much time with you as you wish.

Typical Experiences:

Spa & Well Being Museums & Art
Fine Wine & Dining Shopping Experiences
Clients compensate for my time and all travel expenses. My time is billed at $2500 per week (billed at a minimum of one week,  in full, one-week increments). I addition, clients are responsible for my flights, separate single room accommodations, all meals and incidentals. For example, a 10 day trip to Bali would incur $5000 of my time, plus travel expenses. My flights and accommodations are at the same class of service as the clients.
I personally handle all bookings and reservations on your behalf. All services are paid for in full prior to departure.
My personal time is non-refundable, and is payable in advance. In case you must cancel, we can arrange a time to re-book the trip. Hotel and airline cancellations are subject to supplier policies.
Contact me:

Travel Clubs International, LLC.

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